What are SEO Factors?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a most important tool to get top position in search engines.there are some factors that will affect the SEO. SEO has mainly two parts.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO


However always like Content is always king when its comes to SEO factor. Higher ranking content relates to content that handles an extensive range of its specific subject. Content should deliver genuine information to the customer and content should be and relevant to subject. in order to you can put the information in visual communications. content must be written in Good and Professional Language, that should have fewer grammar mistakes and better understandable manner.


Backlinks continue to be one of the most powerful ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. The more no.of backlinks you have from multiple different high-Quality domains, more chances are to rank your website. Backlinks are treated as Vote. and which website have more votes that website will appear on top of SERP (search engine result page). SEO professionals have to pay attention to their backlinks pages and must aware of recent updates of Penguin 4.0.

Relevant Keyword and Planning:

A keyword is a most powerful tool for SEO, in earlier and now also it will play the vital role to ranking in search results. The more Relevance in keyword more better chances in results. You must write Unique and Relevant keyword to increase in search volume.


Mobile Friendliness:

Google is giving more importance to Mobile friendly website On November 4, 2016, announced mobile-first indexing. According to New Google algorithms, This is why a website’s compatibility with mobile now directly is affecting the search rankings. Today, with mobile utilization exceeding desktop usage, websites should give more prioritize to mobile versions to provide the much better user experience.

SEO Factors in 2017


Afer the mobile-first indexing technique Google, web page speed has become essential than ever before. Websites loading with slow page speed will give complicated for ranking search results. Google’s goal with new updates in Algorithms is to deliver good user experience.


In earlier, exact-match domains were successful enhancing organic search visibility. whereas not as quick and easy as before, domains name still have the power to impact on search results.

Google and Local Listing:

this is an important tool of Google’s ranking factor. with help of this tool, we can add our Business or websites to Google Business listing and can make appear on Google Map. Local Listing such as Yellow Pages will help you to list your Business in particular city or Region. where you to give a Good address, phone no etc.

Title, Meta, Alt  and Heading tag optimization:

a title tag is an eyepoint where Google first recognize a web page. A title will describe the type of web page or what actually this page is.

Meta tag also plays a similar role of title tag this is we will write with website source code where it will read by Google Algorithms.

with help of Alt tag, we can optimize images on the web page.

Heading tags Like H1, H3, H3 are most important tags for SEO, this will represent the type of content, what actually  this page is.

Language Markup:

Schema markup refers to code that you will add to your web pages that support search engines better understand the web pages. with Schema markup you can star-rating, the appearance of social media accounts on search result pages etc.

  • Logo
  • Full business name
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Site navigation
  • Social Media Accounts

XML and HTML Sitemaps:

in Google SEO Factors Sitemap plays a good role, A sitemap may have in HTML and XML format. HTML Format Sitemap will guide Users who visit the website. XML Sitemap guide search engines that how a website and web pages are organized and inter connected with each other.


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