How to Install Themes and Plugins in WordPress

How to Install Themes and Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is one of the finest content management systems (CMS)this is because of it is easy to use and easy to customize. one of the fourth websites is based on WordPress framework only. You can simply download and install the theme and make required settings. This is best for SEO and Blogging. there are many themes free and paid on WordPress to get the design. if you want more functionality just install the plugins. here no need of much technical knowledge, no need of much programming language etc. in Additionally if you have more requirements you need to have the knowledge of Server, Database creation and connection basic of coding etc.

in this article, you will know how to install themes and plugins in different ways:

Installing from WordPress Dashboard:
Installing the theme:

Upload WordPress theme
in this step, there are many ways to search the theme. in WordPress itself, you can search the theme. go to appearance then go to theme options click on Add new and search the theme and select it then. install then activate.

Installing the Plugin:

upload WordPress plugin
This is the simplest way, just Search the name of the plugin and click on Install it. Once the plugin is installed, you just need to activate for use.

Upload and install
Installing the theme:

add WordPress theme
you can download the themes from the 3rd party, there are many websites who will provide the theme free and paid basis. just download from there with a zip file and upload to WordPress.

Go to Appearance > Themes, click the button “Add New”.

Installing the plugin:

add WordPress plugin
you can download the plugin from the 3rd party, free and paid basis. just download from there with a zip file and upload to WordPress.

Go to Plugins > Add New, click the button “Upload Plugin”

Using FTP or Cpanel:

Sometimes you unable to Install the Plugin or theme from WordPress Dashboard, but you can install it through FTP access. For this, you need have login details of FTP or Cpanel. Download the theme or plugin from 3rd party provider then
Go to wp-content > plugins then upload the new plugin
Go to wp-content > themes then upload the new theme.
After this go to WordPress dashboard then activate from here

WP-CLI from Command Line:

For this, you need to have the technical knowledge and it is not that easy as above methods. you have to be careful while installing the plugin through this method. because here you will deal with directly with the server.

WP-CLI is a command line interface for WordPress, in which you can install the plugins, update and much more you can do without a web browser. just follow below steps.

curl -O
chmod +x wp-cli.phar
sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp
Command to install a plugin:

wp plugin install
Command to install a theme

visit the Command Line here

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