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As of early 2016, there are almost billion people actively using Android App, it is a mobile operating system that runs on Mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, and other devices. Android is developed and maintained by Google. Android is free and open source software that anyone can be used and customize. Many companies are designing and customizing the devices such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc.

One of the main elements that drive Android’s success is Google Play, an Android app and it will come default with Android Operating where users can download and install apps on their devices. With more than a million apps and billions of downloads, Google Play is bigger and see more mobile traffic.

Now you thinking that how to make your App whether it is individual or company, you want to develop and put it on Android OS. so many Companies, peoples are developing apps for their personal use, companies Business and for other things to Expand Business, get more customers and improve sales etc.

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There are 3 types of apps:

1. Native apps

  • iOS on Objective-C or Swift
  • Android on Java
  • Windows Phone on Net

2. Hybrid apps for all platforms

3. Web apps as responsive versions of the website to work on any mobile device.

Native apps

These apps are developed for a single mobile operating system specifically, therefore they are “native” for a particular platform or device. An application built for systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry can not be used on any other platform other than their own. In simple terms, you could not be able to use Android app on iPhone.The main benefits of native apps are high functionality and guaranteeing good user experience (UX) as developers will use native device UI.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid Apps are developed using multi-platform web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. So this is known as hybrid apps are mainly website applications covered in a native wrapper. Apps have usual advantages and disadvantages of both native and web mobile applications.

Hybrid multi-platform apps are rapidly and relatively easy to develop – here it is a clear advantage about, A Single code software for all platforms ensures low-cost maintenance and updates. where Extensively used APIs, like gyroscope, accelerometer, geolocation is available.

hybrid applications lack in functionality, speed and in other instances compare with Negative Apps. there are certain design difficulties because of the app not able to look in the exact same way on two or more platforms.

Web apps

These are applications that respond in a manner very similar to native applications. Web apps use a browser to run and design & developed in HTML5, JavaScript or CSS. This app looks like same as the mobile website. Web applications require a minimum of device memory, and database is stored on other servers, so users can access from any device



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