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Domain and Hosting

Domain & hosting refers to organizations that focus in hosting domain names for individuals and companies. Domain names are names of the website used in URLs to identify particular Web pages.

A domain is something that we register with our company so people can access over the internet and hosting is something that we host the website on the server on the internet to access the website and communications.

In Domain Registering you can choose, world wide or you can choose your desired category to show your company or organizations field. even you can choose country wise that where company located.

Domain and Hosting


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A Web host is on the internet of providing server space, Web services and file maintenance for Web sites managed by personals or companies that do not have their own Web servers. there are so many ISPs, Hosting Companies allow to book Hosting for their web site. in Hosting there different types are there.

1. Single Domain Hosting
2. Multi Domain Hosting
3. Re seller Hosting
4. Premium Hosting
5. Shared Hosting
6. WordPress Hosting
7. Linux Hosting
8. Java Hosting



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