Few Simple Strategies To Generate More Traffic To Your Website

Few Simple Strategies To Generate More Traffic To Your Website

There are more than one billion websites on Internet Today. when you type any keyword in search you will get thousands of websites will appear. some websites will appear on first page some websites on second some are on third respectively. When any websites or blog have been started immediately search engines won’t index. search engines will take two or three months to index those websites and some website will more months to get index according to search engines techniques. But you can’t wait till that many months. You have many others way that you can make search engines will index your websites.

There are some simple tips and tricks that will help your websites or blog to get indexed.

1.Upload New Content
Content is A king, always remind fresh, relative and unique is fastly index by search engines. Search Engines especially Google will give more priority to Quality and Unique. while Writing content should be grammatical good, optimize your content with SEO technique. use Related Keywords etc.

2. Share on Social Media
Writing content only enough, you have to share on social media also important. from social media websites, you will get good traffic, reviews, and comments that will help to index faster to search engines. Add social media sharing links to your website or blog so people can easily share to their social media accounts.

3. Guest blogging and social Book Marking
Guest Blogging means writing blogs on other websites and links back to your websites. this very helps to find search engines to index your site. Posting on Social Book Marketing sites linking to your websites will helps more. there are some top social bookmarking websites.
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4.Paid for Website Traffic

You can get more traffic by paid this is an inorganic way to get the traffic. some search Engines will allow to paid marketing such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads. here you will list top on search engines until you run the paid campaigns. not only search engines also some of the social media websites also allow paid marketing such as Facebook marketing, Twitter Instagram etc. they will show your websites many more people and you will get the traffic.

10 Amazing Free Google Tools every Digital Marketer Need to use

10 Amazing Free Google Tools every Digital Marketer Need to use

Earlier Google was just search engine, in Fact nowadays offering too many tools that will help to all digital marketers, SEO experts, and other blogging people, this tools you can to make strategies, analyze and other major benefits. some of the tools will help to get index in search engines, some of the tools will help to analyze the website. below I am going discuss each and every tool in details.

Google Webmaster Tool
Google Analytical Tool
Google Ad Words
Google Trends
Google My Business
Google Alerts
Google Docs
Google Mail
Google Sheets
Google Calendar

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